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WordPress Plugins 2017

April 20, 2017 - WordPress Plugins

pyzForm for WooCommerce with iyizico

pyzForm for WooCommerce with iyizico more / info demo / download Iyzico this add-on is paid for Woocommerce. The new design is a customized format card. There is no such Iyzico card. Then it is a map that develops itself. Iyzico requests APIs from Createpaymentrequest. Create a template of Woocommerce with a credit card format that allows you to use this add-on.

Press Menu – Responsive Off Canvas Menu

Press Menu - Responsive Off Canvas Menu more / info demo / download Beautiful flexible outside the canvas menu is a slider, Zone widget. In setting has many options animations. Search box and add the widget to slide up / down widget area and Possiability icon under the Community menu on the theme of building on existing, excellent and improved coverage. Eco and Scss files are included.

WP Landing Pages Pro

WP Landing Pages Pro more / info demo 20 beautiful landing page template that came with WP landing page. You can set an infinite landing page on your WordPress site. Cool features that are easy to use are as follows. Autoresponder integration / inquiry content here is an automatic response to embed a YouTube video of adaptive field of peach text editor change background image color customization for each type of subscription format. WP Landing Pages comes with up to 20 beautiful landing page templates. It allows you to setup UNLIMITED landing pages on your WordPress website. It is easy to use and has cool features like the following. Auto responder integration / Opt-in subscribe forms Customize every text piece Rich text editor Change background image and colors Customize auto responder form Customize fields from auto responder Embed Youtube videos

ICarousel – WordPress Carousel Slider

ICarousel - Wordpress Carousel Slider more / info demo Icarousel is a beautiful responsive carousel slider that allows you to look at jquery Motown Carousel based on WordPress plugin that allows sensitive touch. Icarousel also comes with a large version of the image carousel mode is indicated FancyBox plug. ICarousel is a responsive touch enabled wordpress plugin based on jQuery OWL Carousel that lets you create beautiful responsive carousel slider. ICarousel also comes with fancybox plugin that will display the large version of the image carousel in lightbox mode.

Youzer – New WordPress User Profiles Era

Youzer - New Wordpress User Profiles Era more / info demo Front-End Profile Front-End Account Settings 14 Header Styles 16 Profile Widgets Unlimited Color Schemes 16 Ready Color Schemes Unlimited Profile Structures ( Variations ) 06 Advanced Wordpress Author Widgets 04 Tabs ( Overview, Infos, Posts, Comments ) Extremely Customizable Unlimited Ads Widgets Creative 404 Profile Page Quick Account Settings Menu 2 Widget Border Styles ( Flat / Rounded ) Posts & Comments Real Time Pagination ( No Refresh Required ) Amazing Effects Smooth Scroll Fully Responsive Design Control All Profile Elements Visibility Control All Profile Elements Effects

Amazomatic – Amazon Affiliate Post Importing Money Generator Plugin for WordPress

Amazomatic - Amazon Affiliate Post Importing Money Generator Plugin for WordPress more / info demo Amazomatic - Amazon's Gold feature is a machine that makes money on the site, as well as replacement of the Amazon API market, using Autoblogging plug-in (2017) referral affiliates! Here is a predefined rule-based connection that automatically generates fast.

WProtect – Total security plugin for WordPress

WProtect - Total security plugin for Wordpress more / info demo Wprotect most modern WordPress security extension that allows hackers to invade and attack the protected WordPress sites. With a team of experts, supported by the latest known vulnerabilities, security updates, Wprotect is always the best choice for secure websites. Our security plug-in is an issue or vulnerability in core-plugin, WordPress themes, automatically notifying Live desktop and mobile. Securitycheck Check versions of all plug-ins & Themes WordPress installation compared to similar aspects, such as if there is little plug-in and display its database. Forget individual testing of each plugin & theme about the vulnerability: Securitycheck.

Search Terms List WordPress Plugin

Search Terms List Wordpress Plugin more / info demo Improves search engine rankings without having to withdraw from the search list WP and you can set this plugin to gather and use it as current search criteria. WP search term is automatically mail subject using the list on the display. WP search list is labeled with search terms for WordPress Plugins!

Float Menu Pro

Float Menu Pro more / info demo Using intelligent wordpress plug-in floating menu Pro is a site level to improve usability. Use your floating menu to perform create tools. Even fully responsive design web resource is a lot of screen space. Scrolling, which moves in the menu is easy to see. So useful solution is not distract from the main content. Users must use the navigation bar regardless of the site.