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35+ Unusual Design Free Vector Icons Sets

18 December 2016 in Icons

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30 Free Portugues Language Icons

The Portuguese produced these symbols Icons8 (35.600 + plans icon) in the collection. Icon carefully iOS, Android, Windows and solid colors are designed for tracking sheet. Save the collection and they are forever in your account your.


30 free portugues language iconss download 2017

52 Free Spanish Language Icons

These characters were inspired by Spanish speaking countries: Frida Kahlo, Don Quixote, Lionel Messi, paella, pyramid, and so created a Web site related to the Spanish market you to our team, see.


52 free spanish language iconss download 2017

52 free spanish language icons download 2017

152 Free Filled Activities Icons

This pack contains all 152 icons from Activities category in Filled style.


152 free filled activities iconss download 2017

Free Line Security Icons

This set number of shape unique 3592 etc. symbol (except size) increases shields, firewalls and database security spy detector, security features, such as for example the word contains a large number of symbols and 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512 pixels and higher incomes, as well as original vector files in AI and SVG.


free line security iconss download 2017

14 Free Docto Icons

Doc 14 free icon Pack, elegant and refined. Not for medical projects. Docton 14 characters will play et Icones raffinées for free. Bloody MEDICAUX projection.


14 free docto iconss download 2017

Free French Icons

The French version of our web site and is the beginning of all of the available formats and custom icons.


free french iconss download 2017

100 Free Essential Pixelicons

Created on 16 px grid make it super sharp on small display.


100 free essential pixelicons download 2017

25 Free Art Tools Vector Icons

Each artist offers tools for creation, that you want to create or use the product. Current symbol, 25 of the most popular applications of artists.

more / info download

25 free art tools vector icons download 2017

1010 Free Multimedia Pioneer Icons

Today, to celebrate the launch of our website, do we share with you the free multimedia icons set. Keep it, make sure you give it a try.

more / info download

1010 free multimedia pioneer icons download 2017

30 Free E-Commerce Icons

Modern design trends, we pack the proposal for 30 pieces of original icons contains a “symbol for a package named” purchases, follow. You can use your company, the colourful and stylish icons created, you must add.

512 256 pixels 128 px and 64 pixel size in PNG format.
In addition, all icons are 256 pixel file as an example.

more / info download

30 free e commerce icons download 2017

36 Free Space Iconography Icons

The today’s freebie heaven body and spatial elements in the style of the various symbols a huge collection of 36 carefully designed. All icons are made with attention to detail, so sources feel free to inventory.

more / info download

36 free space iconography icons download 2017

Free NastyIcons Set

more / info download

free nastyicons set download 2017

Free Marine AI Vector Icons Set

So, work has inspired marine set icons simplicity that we are attempting to develop. Illustrator file, you can use on your own projects or sketch. Feel free to tell me what you think!

more / info download

free marine ai vector icons set download 2017

Freebie: Winter Sports Icons (SVG, PNG)

Today they are fresh and clean installed all the icons associated with winter sports. With the right mouse button in the northern hemisphere, at the beginning of the season we get practically for all projects in connection with the work. Carefully arrange the symbols Freepik team, free, high quality vector graphics and design is a great place to get all kinds of resources.

more / info download

freebie winter sports icons download 2017

20 Free Movie Icons

Lately we’ve been working on some icons. Movies, so I really like that there is a topic that we decided, for the first time moved that the icons.

more / info download

20 free movie icons download 2017

Free Brainzzz Halloween Icons

Grab these free flat halloween icons to enhance your awesome designs!

more / info download

free brainzzz halloween icons download 2017

Free Icalicons Vector Icons Set

We made a new font of icons, so now we can use our own icons on our projects you can grave it FREE here!

more / info download

free icalicons vector icons set download 2017

Free Halloween Inspired Graphics Flat Icons

Grab these free flat line icons to enhance your awesome designs!

more / info download

free halloween inspired graphics flat icons download 2017

20 Free Halloween Flat Icons

more / info download

20 free halloween flat icons download 2017

36 Free PSD Icon Set

This free icon set for me Ascend did! I had so much fun figuring out how to get a marketing icon sets (including social media) contains 85 icons.

more / info / download vector icons

36 free psd icon set download 2017

Ascend Free Marketing Icons

This free icon set for me Ascend did! I had so much fun figuring out how to get a marketing icon sets (including social media) contains 85 icons.

more / info / download vector icons

ascend free marketing icons download 2017

Free Virtual Reality Icons

Free icon in virtual reality (VR) with the theme. Icon set optimization of AI, PDF, EPS, SVG, and PNG contains 12 icons. We are very pleased that we share with you today a cool gift! This topic icon set all virtual reality and the technology behind it. Each token is manually developed a playful style, carefully drawn from different formats. I hope this is helpful for this tribute to the next project!

more / info / download

free virtual reality icons download 2017

15 Free Medical Icons Set

more / info download

15 free medical icons set download 2017

15 free medical icons sets download 2017

9 Free Line Icons

more / info download

9 free line icons 2017

6 Free AI Idea Icons

Just bring some ideas to life.

more / info download

6 free ai idea icons 2017

12 Free Weather Icons

more / info download

12 free weather icons 2017

Buenos Aires Free Icon Set

We want to get a little bit crazy decided to create love in our city, romantic and versatile city, a set of free icons for everyone. Submit your work for us as a service use currently available. We share our city, our home.

more / info download

buenos aires free icon set 2017

CNC Routing Machine Icons

A set of 25 CNC & Routing Machine Icons; free to download and use in personal and commercial projects.

more / info download

cnc routing machine icons 2017

170 Free Retro Business Icons

Here is an Illustrator and sketch can be used, to retro-style 170 work is a set of new icons. Fully scalable and color and stroke width for each icon that you can configure.

more / info / download download

170 free retro business icons 2017

12 Free Glyphs Icons Set

Today I want to share this free icon set. Sketch, AI and SVG format.

more / info download

12 free glyphs icons set


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