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April 18, 2017 - How to

Your Website Background Matters: Choose it Wisely

If you don’t take your website background seriously – you are not a designer. Every web designer knows that a website background matters. In fact, they are really very important in setting the mood of the entire site and making a deep lasting impression on the visitor. Actually, you should decide what will be the background of your future website like in first turn, before going any further. What will you use? Will it be an eye-catching image/photo? Maybe you are going to tell the story of your company with the help of the background video? Would you like your website look super trendy and use flat or material-style background? What about illustration? Such kinds of websites are for those who want to be different. You may also go for an elegant pattern to put other parts into focus or use a fabric texture for the luxury look. Don’t like glamour? Then use a grunge background and show everybody how brutal you are. There’s no right or wrong answer to the question what kind of background you should choose. It depends on the type of website you want to create and the brand identity of the given project. However, one thing is clear at the moment: there are many different styles you can choose for your website background and they all make different effects on the visitors. Here you will find some outstanding examples of various types of backgrounds. Have a look at them, visit the sites (strictly speaking they are not fully-fledged websites, but ready-made templates from Templatemonster.com) and get a notion of what each background is good for. We hope this article will help you understand what kind of background is the best for your website and maybe even choose a template from one of the web design industry leaders, TemplateMonster, for it. One Grand/Hero Image Using hero images in the background is a current trend. If described with one word, hero image backgrounds are attractive. Most of these images are photographs which directly relate to the content. When push comes to shove it’s hard to find anything that can be as relatable and descriptive as a photograph. It drives visitors further into the site by giving them a peek beneath the surface. The extreme sports club WordPress theme below is an excellent example of this technique. Theme's homepage uses large full screen background images with photos of people riding the waves. The colors blend nicely into the layout, and it gives an immediate personal touch. Basically, the hero image style is a fundamental concept that can be applied to any large “oversized” header design. Extreme Sports Club WordPress Theme more / info demo / download Powered by Cherry Framework, this Extreme Sports WordPress Theme boasts a spectacular design with clean code and excellent support. Through transitions and scrolling dynamics, CSS3, jQuery and HTML5 add interactivity to web pages making them visually interesting. Responsive design provides optimal multidevice experience, whereas WPML readiness allows reaching the multinational audience. The theme has an appealing graphic user interface enhanced with handy navigational elements such as a back to top button and a dropdown menu. Audio, video and social media options are also embedded into the template's functionality. Fully customizable, its design can be adapted to your own needs. Blurry Background High-resolution…

What Is The Instagram Image Size For Profile?

Instagram Image Size For Profile? What Is The Best Pixel Sizes?

If the pics to accommodate instagram image size is guide here. Instagram platform ideal photo size, shaking with flexibble learn to use. What Is The Instagram Image Size For Profile? Instagram Facebook Mobile and sharing photos origin decided $ extend share purchase and mobile sector is growing very fast. overrated, but whooping cough 300 million monthly active users, it is assumed that people see, most of the time, billions of images shares even higher than expected, instagram is there a while "when people wonder what image size Instagram questions". Instagram images size 612px, 612px but later as Smartphones, tablets and Netbooks, and keep pace with other available high-resolution retina display 1080 pixels 640 x 1080 pixels. moved 640px and July 2015 year. In the same year portrait used Instagram and internalized the landscape Instagram image photo profile size. Square Image: 1080px in width by 1080px in height Vertical Image: 1080px in width by 1350px in height Horizontal Image: 1080px in width by 566px in height The current image size is 1080 PIX Wxh in 1080 pixels. We'd be more image size, image size on Instagram, wait for a long time yet. The image format of 1080 pixels by 1080 pixels has remained tense with 640 x 640px by using CSS on your Web site. Which of these images as a retina (Updates) as a means to look better in high resolution screen. You do not have the technical details, and note that the image Size 1080 pixels of 1080 pixels. You can see sample images and dimensions Instagram: Square Instagram Image (Original Size) Vertical Instagram Image Size Horizontal Instagram Image Size I do not want that they cut off and pixel images, because it is creating the most beautiful as featured Instagram Instagram for images, you must save the high resolution camera settings. In this year, televisions, monitors, laptops and even a Tablet, expected to be 4 k will be resolution, so we can expect that it will increase the image size Instagram. If the above information is true and the image size is 1080 PIX Instagram, now you can be sure, so I upgraded to 1080 pixels this post I would like to try to save. Update (1) Since July 2015 Instagram now use 1080px by 1080px images. Update (2) Since November 2015 Instagram supports vertical and horizontal images between 566px and 1350px in height but maximum size for all image formats are set to 1080px.