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Toma Sans Free Font, Gotham Font Alternative Typeface

January 26, 2017 in Fonts
Toma Sans Free Font, Gotham Font Alternative Typeface


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Toma Sans Font

Toma Sans free font designed and shared by jam type design. Design project, we are doing a science project or book. We present to you a new font family meal will help you in your business. Toma Sans Font family record volumes! Toma Sans font is seven weight plus matching italics. 1920 became popular in the geometric style sans serif faces and influenced 30s, fonts for better readability, you are entitled to an optical correction based on geometric shapes.

Thanks for JAM type design, this demo only one weight. Thomas SANS is free for personal use. Download and enjoy, store more fonts and other products support visit to buy it.

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toma sans free font
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3 toma sans free font

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