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Free PSD Laptop Business Card Template

April 19, 2017 in Free Business Card Templates


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Free PSD Laptop Business Card Template


free psd laptop business card template

This high quality business template is 300 dpi high resolution. This color CMYK setting. It is possible free PC card business PSD. The card is editable text. They can be manipulated by the other. It’s also a vector shape that can be edited.

Measuring map 3.5 * 4 inches / 4425. You are the owner of the card lamination and organization. You can also edit a small icon pack. Business cards can be folded in Notebook computer color black and white and gray is pretty commercial animation.

Cleaning flat business card is free PC card business PSD display is also available in elegance as soon as you get your Blanc doi simple. Best of all there is a simple and elegant business card template.

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