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45+ Customizable Functional Free Blogger Templates

19 December 2016 in Blogger

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30+ Best Responsive Premium Blogger Templates

Very nice free blogger templates created for the platform the past few years, but converted, free Blogspot themes, there is no doubt the very nice.

best free responsive blogger templates 2017

There are a number of free blogger templates 2017, but we all find really beautiful and high quality, we know that it is difficult. Some of them are very good, you not in the position to say that it was in blog or WordPress. Bored with the free blogger templates and available for those who intend to change, so we are getting better may very well and you can check at the most beautiful free Blogger themes. Here the beautiful free blogger templates 2017, we were able to get together. Prepare to move after the jump. Default free blogger templates, available to put the weary? We decided to search for some different looking premium blogger templates and a lot of WordPress and other blog inspired dozens of wonderful creations houses of topics. Best free responsive blogger templates and themes around the blogosphere some selected every 2,3 and 4 columns list. Have a good times.


Plant and garden you websites 100% responding blogger themes, 2 column. Blogger featured template slider, primary and secondary navigation menu, automatic summaries and social sharing buttons, right sidebar 3 column Widget header area, publications and sketches included footer Web sources from Google.

demo download

plant free blogger templates download 2017

Kerli Lite

Kerli Lite 100% sensitive, simple and easy, Blogger design Lite with 2 columns. Personal blogs, photos, magazines, broadcasting and is suitable for all kinds of sites. Curley Lite car ads blogger templates, navigation, social sharing icons, Web sources from Google right sidebar, publications with images, scroll buttons at the top and much more.

demo download

kerli lite free blogger templates download 2017

Spectrum Blog

Spectrum is very cool live Rainbow style chic model design. Range of WordPress blog theme design WP previously. I personally liked the color of this model of grace and combinations. I’m sure other blogger template for the search range.

demo download

spectrum blog free blogger templates download 2017

iSimple Classic

iSimple Classic elegance and ease sensitive blogger template layout is a combination of beautiful. This is based on a flat nice to touch and feel the user interface model. In addition we tried you combines modern design proposals, so it is well with your site. You can support your personal blog or website, that can be used for a category in any case, professional blog.

demo download

isimple classic free blogger templates download 2017

Groovy Fashion Magazine

This model offers a total clean and elegant magazine style fashion design premium. Any access device to help your readers on your blog or website confidential block print design templates 100%. This free blogger template fashion bloggers fully molded – in match leads with magazine of our blogger template is special designed for blogger templates the demands of fashion, so you can play the best ways to interact with content and offer more visitors. Big blogger template is 2: fashion design layout magazine unusual and beautiful further now. Layout-design pattern Groovy, Groovy next, but the free version is encrypted only in a premium design and layout of the premium versions of the model. Our friendly blogger template without coding model is packed with features that you can customize almost everything. Templates, styles, fonts, offers unlimited possibilities, you can change the color changes as you can configure it with the blogger template designer.

demo download

groovy fashion magazine free blogger templates download 2017

Techwise Magazine

Blogger template sensitive Techwise magazine for technical niche blogging. For cleaning, but with content to fulfil their important documents, compatible device has a stylish magazine layout, based on the day. Highly customizable and clean Techwise slide or magazine contains a full model has different order types, based on whether you want to block. You can create your own design. Great color, magazines, technology and so on schemas and mapping technology with professional widgets, games, travel, movies, bloggers. Multicultural create your blog, you can reduce your bounce rate, and as a result, you can be sure that your blog is SEO optimized. Like its predecessor in Smartseo was also the highest point in SEO audit. Below are some of the main features of the blogger template that is provided Techwise.

demo download


WideNews 2 sidebars and widgets footer 3 right, 3 columns with sensitive / mobile news blogger themes. WideNews blogger template, smaller and more stressed the slider to primary and secondary navigation menus, buttons, and automatically send summary of social exchange, Google Web fonts section titles are added in the context.

demo download

Sora Tasty

Sora Tasty for personal blogs blogger make smart and clean theme. You have great ideas to the page, I think the best that you can customize. Delicious is not a regular problem, just ask that amazing collection experience live blog. Delicious optimized blogger themes and sensitive issues will be shown on each device so perfectly.

demo download


Varenne, left and right in the side and bottom areas sensitive to column 3/mobile compatible 3 column blogger theme. In the Warener blogger templates featured after rider, primary and secondary navigation menu, auto summary and social sharing icons, fonts, Google Widget title area publications with sketches and more.

demo download

waren free blogger templates download 2017


PersesMag the right sidebar and footer 3 speakers 2-spaltig blogger theme with widgets, clean and very little. PersesMag blogger template Google Web fonts, the top of the navigation menu related mail and automatic thumbnails post summary and more with small social networking icons.

demo download

persesmag free blogger templates download 2017

Furbish Mag

If you are looking for a fast installation on the subject of all kinds is burn – like the best choice for you. It takes less than a minute, to change color of a template of your choice (you need no changes in HTML format). Social networks, even faster than any other thing to touch to Polish. The latest in the page area and popular widgets added to distribute.

demo download

furbish mag free blogger templates download 2017

Hot Magazine

Hot magazine with care and attention to detail of a minimalist journal blogger themes. This beautiful visuals, combined with a minimalist design. Different effects and you can easily create Web sites has many layout modes. Hot journals, magazines, newspapers and websites blogging is an excellent blogger themes.

demo download

hot magazine free blogger templates download 2017

Rose Blog

Rose Blog is inspired by the latest trends, rose elegant beauty blogger template. Actively with many negative space, helps the eyes of rose blog content. Travel, fashion and lifestyle blog or use for something that you can imagine. It’s super easy customize. Rose blog to try and you will love I bet.

demo download

rose blog free blogger templates download 2017


100% 3-column footer GameNews widgets such a sensitive area, 2 column blogger template. Best post on blogger template right sidebar slider GameNews, contains the primary and secondary menu navigation, auto certificates and social networking buttons, Google Web fonts title banners have been added to the thumbnails of related posts and much more.

more / info / download demo

gamenews free blogger templates download 2017


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