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30+ Flexible Home Gym Fitness WordPress Themes 2017

March 25, 2017 in WordPress Themes


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Listed of fitness WordPress themes developed to design health club website. Use as and can enjoy the flexibility of these customizable.

WordPress, the most popular content management system evaluation is following site. The setup is simple and easy to use is free for commercial or other purposes. I am writing area is something in your own code. Life of these topics to integrate technology-oriented cases and time schedule, training programs, trainers contact us page form and payment system and a simple web-based interface customization is.

Hundreds of the world at least tens alarm is necessary and place near a group of crossfit gym. Unique professional website is important fruit is a successful business. The front of the business is a website SEO and Google.

Life Fitness

Life launches special fitness sport WordPress tamat demo. Over the display column 4 column. Get widgetized installation of metal ready for installation. Typography and design of Google font previews of the composer. Play with the font color and the color of infinite customization. You get to feel fitness crashed for other reasons as people in their element. Why? Look at the image-oriented and motivated. The layout is unique and is very versatile. This is the greatest.

This event portfolio blog. Match customizable achieved its high resolution. And substitutes the background is full of videos! Received, social media sharing buttons are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Also I joined online Mailchimp integration of functions. WooCommerce products for sale WPML-has the latest proposals for translation. It requires little coding is admin panel is easy.

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life fitness wordpress theme


Multipurpose theme for WordPress Avada strong activity with soft, fresh and modern, heart warming, according to internal needs of different sites, commercial and corporate solutions for personal and professional itself to achieve optimal objectives website, yoga studio offers fitness studio, beauty studio, wellness center with certainty. If business is your personal wellness services, Avada theme.

Customers want to run several demonstrations, including Avada things off. In building these demonstrations sort Avada their own synthesis plugin builder and combining advanced options in the admin panel offers endless possibilities. Smooth scrolling effect Parallax may introduce viewers content elegant fashion beautiful change transition effects, full dormitory housing eligibility of projects continent, provided that all images and products Gallery template is.

On offering provides video tutorials and exercises that use shortcodes convenient pricing structure and leadership of the employed hundreds of custom icons and fonts “on the topic every time, relax fade in, fade out animation, peaceful options as a dynamic menu, sliders footer , Extremely reactive, Avada’s got everything.

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avada gym fitness wordpress themes


Kalium people with wealth colored lighter fluid, said creative theme for WordPress site intuitive and easy. Various media site coffin type Kalium broad service spectrum and web application development dynamic, modern technology allows bezproblemno- and classification of AJAX features smooth animation scripting knowledge HTML5, CSS3, hardware motion parallax and taste. Mobile and cross compatible core Kalium bootstrap module design is lightweight and top performers.

An old box is exposed fleshed fully functional fitness demo site like page Kalium blind content in all fitness enthusiasts, athletes are capturing movement routines online, as well as personal fitness related profit for fitness – fitness gym and more affordable for recommendations or your favorite hiking trail thoroughly easier because. Feature-rich, so users with Kalium, shop for fitness related products and associated companies on site dynamic portfolio of listed options and several shops layout style, fully tracking page templates available in the nearest single click. Try Kalium feeling.

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kalium gym fitness wordpress themes

Fat to Fit

Fat fit fitness WordPress themes! Online fitness director of Friends of the main objectives and personal fitness-sports shop. Like it! Using a rotating slider image composer. The design should be unlimited sidebars over four of its website. This Google font with a very simple, clean layout. Fat fit perfectly achieved high resolution applications. S picture included testimony and said. Proof of befores and afters are people even create. This is a blog page for more information!

Edible fats is the latest bootstrap in any browser. In dense WPML WooCommerce integration. E compliance to the list greasy, professional trainers can be if you have to. You can download classes and other functions, including email templates for book material. In addition, online body max index (BMI) calculation. Management options screen theme is very simple and easy to understand. Contact – this 70 piece of code.

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fat to fit wordpress theme


Launchit is very beautiful and visually slick modern technology developed comprehensive and versatile professional graphics configuration and very eye catching show everything is universal an impressive and flexible response WordPress page website theme.

Launchkit create complex topics and requests satisfied startup Alan Ding pages of the site had several different archetypes, professionally or personally portfolio of most things as stuffed with Launchkit and combination of materials that can be considered for the development of multilateral demo template Launchkit page powerful visual composer, more than 30 optional full code written line to lead in sorting is a site with plenty of customization options button.

This is a complete WooCommerce integration box hearty shortcodes to add each element Launchit good theme design, development and maintenance of beautiful, strong, modern state of-the-art fitness site. Both forms of gravity contact form and 7 easily convert you have your effect and smooth scrolling hardware motion for images of Parallax, spectacular and beautiful fitness site Launchkit slider.

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launchkit wordpress themes for fitness


Asana is clean and clear and polished pristine, little, quiet calm, smooth, animated, funk and reggae plane are perfect in great power and technology, modern, fresh and I with a variety of shades, the mouse is allowed for fast loading and search optimization is a sport, yoga and fitness site WordPress theme. Asana have developed great seeing elegant and attractive presentation users everywhere, taken there by using cutting edge technologies for web development in a fun sponsor.

Preconfigured existing template page to work fleshing out fast and full fitness gym and training center site look-arsannatt. Asana full screen feature beautiful and attractive, asana, go stay fresh color palette. Asana visual design design philosophy Google has this great mofuse, flat and familiar and intuitive navigation experience will be a big hit all demographic and exhibition of contemporary visual language and background of the user. Power devices rotation slider network layout functional and integrated power cart WooCommerce valid and event calendar systems let users plan and book classes and payment, your site is.

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asana sport and yoga wordpress theme


FitPro highly customizable WordPress theme is fitness / sports clubs and related small and medium enterprises. And every page publication packed with numerous music video Page Builder element by using this theme a lot.

FitPro site to make the prospects for development of really cool themes for individual business needs. Its 200 theme option is referred to as modern sites that can be created in 60 shortcodes, multiple layout options. Theme translation – multilingual ready command is compliant with WPML plugin. Nothing else matters in theme support WooCommerce, gravity forms a wide range is an event management supplements for popular events calendar.

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fitpro events fitness gym sports wordpress theme


WOGA minimal WordPress theme suitable for yoga, gym, sports club or any other health related websites. Avoid measuring body fat in body mass index (BMI) calculator with individualized theme and offers exchange visit.

WOGA theme comes with simple messages daily visit schedule, upcoming training and other important information. Also clean and professional theme to customize and comfortable atmosphere.

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woga wordpress theme


Aegon is fully compatible gym / fitness WordPress themes using bootstrap 3 interface framework in smartphones and tablets. Theme support, including many popular WordPress plugin WPML’s WP e-commerce, gravity forms.

Aegon theme helps providing multilingual and WPML. It looks exactly the same as the settings will help promote Egon – international issues and demo content for the site. Boxing lessons on this topic, personal trainer sports clubs, gyms, crossfit and other fitness related website.

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aegon responsive gymfitness club wordpress theme


Flexible athlete o build, easy to use, very intuitive and navigable for users and developers, fpd very rich in kindness, innovative charming, attractive, safe secure WordPress gym, bar / saloon and sports website theme. Even riders are very soft due to problems of fitness, sport website, fast loading and streamline it does not replace any previous coding experience or Japan Japanese or English to their functions and powerful WordPress site to document components.

With seven riders seem designed to be easy version of an existing website, your website in the search box and then complete WooCommerce integration means when raking fabric marketing then one minute class membership and Ness and sports related products and services and the installation process. A collection of riders, including advanced from embedded systems to track and manage courses and coaching in the image composer, a powerful plug-ins, such as web site page was EventOn add-on, including easy to easy to handle, planning, fitness, sports or play some more.

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athlete fitness wordpress theme


Do not disappoint true WordPress theme as the person in charge to the user. The products which were free of unprecedented personalization so SASS configuration. WooCommerce plugins easily after integration and online store building. Fitness products are able to sell.

It is possible to charge. Most of niche fitness, Hair Salon, Hair Salon, Yoga classes and hairdresser are available. Another evidence for each category to start from scratch. With just one click demo importer, email access to a fully functional website. Additional changes visual composer-book Bookly supplements your premium drawer and place. Stroke is becoming easy user features and management of this session. Get involved in what was to support Retina display on portable devices such as smart phones and tablet computers.

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bnb fitness theme for wp


It is infinite and so many creative and endless soft and versatile site WordPress themes. With beautiful settings that are not created endless construction experience needed fast, elegant solution for functional or professional home page on the site you want in different applications and purposes. Animated transitions, creative director of beautiful arts and crafts along with the package with a powerful set of user tools, add-ons and widgets support website or indefinitely without applying component of writing.

Infinitely consists mainly of its GoodLayers drop Page Builder, this revolution is a master LayerSlider sliderpremiumplugin page template and demo site so wide variety of get-out also is a niche, regardless of his right leg began. Activities related to the company’s fantastic and endless fitness demo site fitness center, fitness magazines and bloggers Jim health email administrator to solve difficult footage showing shiny equipment, services and routine online audience effectively in the sales package related fitness products include. Try infinity!

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infinite gym fitness wordpress themes

Fitness Zone

Fitness areas are beautiful and pristine very high quality leather belt strong, negative, polished, visually seamless jgc, near beautiful and breathtaking, so simple and elegant design, includes features such as healthy sport for flexibility and versatility, fpd, cohesively for WordPress, and is the subject of site gymnasium. In the fitness area with a strong theme of every website coffin muscles effortlessly request personal portfoliocomarshalwebb sites and corporate blogging is all kinds of modern fitness, this exquisite narrow full full – Set design, development, maintenance, bar / lounge and health website, size and scale.

Fitness Zone page with details of the training program integrates video and image galleries, custom page template tape demo site full of timesaving your page entirely inside even working professional quality site to be very useful and relevant shortcodes additional training steps easily. To ensure that involves powerful events calendar to miss other classes or other related fitness gatherings and other top styles are available your favorite fitness sites.

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fitness zone wordpress theme


Fitness premium WordPress themes in energy specialist fitness, fitness studio, personal trainer, ProBlogger is a health sector response. Energy Package, which features a very informative and makes video gallery to display workout routine and schedule services to promote health and classes.

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energy responsive wordpress fitness theme


TheGem powerful and reliable in an attractive, user friendly, flexible, easy maintenance WordPress theme Creating site. Will TheGem solution for web developers to master-range industrial areas or constructive special assistance, modern website speed fashion and finishing. Film composer, TheGem premiumdroppagebuilder not take pictures, customizing the layout is based on the pattern of the filter can be saved in a personalized design of more than 250 of more than 60 elements always have full control over the offers.

TheGem 40+ design as demo template in demonstration of the complete, high-performance fitness center, Fitness, Fitness site is not. From teachers and classes useful widget dealing with thousands aloft icons kimono “about needs include fitness website chosen and given in Top right online store please him Ness products. Try TheGem today the ability to unlock!

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thegym  fitness gym sports wordpress theme


Energy, flexibility, strong hand themes, WordPress, Michelle minivan for many corporate sites, larger audiences use and purpose, but in particular it adopted the draft is the place of high school, a health club, spa, fitness center and other health and sports related companies. Energy review seamless nature of fast transient response and all devices platform potential customers resulting products will be-is a guide to information about services and related content. Super energy and audience appeal, creative director already please wait a moment and attractive screen, pasta will be content.

Energy completely customize many options for a framework for a wide range of increase in the rate of extreme dynamic site builder added handy gadget site drastically in full screen slider clients as more visually impressive and important products, services, services, classrooms, trainer wrapped in the preparation of the retina full visual glory. Optional simplified character of color and choose a selection of top two.

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energy wordpress theme


Hermosa is valid bright polished bright high privilege, responsiveness is excellent WordPress health, beauty, yoga site theme. Health one-stop solution for web masters and configured Hermosa is home business online only beauty services industry. For customers features such as multiple group video styling work for a fitness center, Jim website not Hermosa subtle minimal healing class schedule of NEUROCOMPUTING prices, tables advanced voice features, magnificent product and service information is this powerful object orientation special position outside the classroom widget.

Forex sites, built-in rich premium module for maximizing how Hermosa in rotation slider, film composers, such as inability to provide WooCommerce professional quality custom layouts with slideshows and use MailChimp plugin site online market service or product contact is still not fantastic WPML plugin leave your site and click on subscribe huge online audience language barrier is completely smooth will.

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hermosa fitness gym wordpress theme


Entrepreneur for developers it offers a simple and intuitive object is restless visual language easy customization and advanced theme options are quite visible. based on almost any kind of site and very soft, light-composer is excellent ventilation, so plugins from the auto-layout and design templates scratches on easy – to-.

Include entrepreneurs played a strong and comprehensive features very useful in our automated reservation and planning management system by these processes on the site a few clicks later, just one click installation, built-in professional quality inquiry form to easily convert your . But you have to manage the business entrepreneur, the place and date effectively synchronize market fitness services group Fitness Center for a strange topic, Fitness or group, or any group of people in work and sports.

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entrepreneur trainer wordpress fitness theme


Choosing a convenient, intuitive, easy navigation and dynamic responsiveness WordPress premium Jevelin function-is a site of multipurpose theme. Jevelin, including all web masters for fpd, discovered in a creative environment, within easy arts and crafts from your own site absolutely components, like other market niches. My name is prototype of a whole ton of exile site attributes to develop multiple Jevelin demoweb site and page templates.

I saw fitness site Jevelin sound ally brilliant speed settings, click. Guest Every few clicks of a powerful admin panel and visual customization process associated with full drag & drop Page Builder, completely changes their potential, as well as on the website look and feel is. You share e shortcodes u Google maps features let Internet attribute determine their own routes and shinn while very attractive portfolio layout settings or client customer will best light physical training of the highest quality photographs and routine. Powerful built-in social media sharing, Jevelin awareness and dissemination of sound one Ness efforts. Check Jevelin.

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jevelin gym fitness wordpress themes


FitYou is a multi-site colorful, fresh and youthful, tech savvy, highly responsive WordPress theme. When the process design career by hand, using a special purpose work bench is a wide spectrum needs powerful and flexible website or industry. To do this, magic combines visual composer, spinning slider plugin works demo easy layout design and customization with 10 beautiful professional quality sites template and want to go to the Web site.

I do, this is the most-themejim, fitness center, health club, spa, health services website. His glowing net demo site within the existing system to customize and brand your favorite features WooCommerce markets such as equipment services and products directly lead go services, outdoor and online shop, professional pricing table Lee pure style. And let’s strengthen the powerful SEO, where many drives everyone.

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fityou wordpress theme

Gym X

Gym X is WordPress theme for fitness sport. His current goal is fitness space and comfortable fitness fun. Its design, different fonts and colors Make theme options so that you are on, please feel free to. Each column will be available install images and video. On to the search criteria using MegaMenu toasted. Jim X features WPML translation plug-ins offer load time. But what is your time or your own hours, a private gym! Jim X setup workout schedule, select the style of the place is open regardless of indoor.

All medical care there is a professional blog. Fitness X easier to respond to the theme composer plugins. Integrating each card to Google. You can “Lifestyle forums or coach – client site coincidence. From training and professional portfolio where exactly the house. Jim X works to ensure the involvement of all levels of captain. Even in the most popular browser is recommended. Loss . Jim X support best customers.

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gym x wordpress theme


GymEdge feels fresh WordPress gym – Fitness website multipurpose theme. Make frame can be GymEdge is strikingly modern website. And GymEdge can do. Become Fitness Center website. Waiting feature high in GymEdge will. This is more than a template and demo site or brand. Therefore it is recommended to customize the picture frame composer Redux. Branding and styling is more intuitive. GymEdge’s skill level, regardless of this setting in Internet shopping simple.

You can make a thorough document is the most powerful premium plugins. 6 layer slider to the original displays display contents. Well exhibition service company only rows that will be impressive. Clients such as equipment and personnel package to deploy stafftswolds. GymEdge commercial functions. Market’s Web site members and visitors.

GymEdge and there is WooCommerce, payment gateway and checkalsimple. Initialization and GymEdge at the time of sale that will. Create a widget for easy planning classes at the gym yoga website easily. Glamor and excitement of your audience and tech savvy but stresses. Check GymEdge.

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gymedge gym fitness wordpress theme


KALLYAS people with new color and innovative use is easy and very intuitive in easily minivan site WordPress themes is. KALLYAS, site building tools ambitious, broad platform for empowerment of attributes from all backgrounds and skills easily and effectively build, customize the site only Japanese domestic launch, instead of just a few minutes. According to the template of powerful rich Bangkok makes KALLYAS our website for different purposes.

KALLYAS. attributes increase online consumer health club, gym, SSPA treatment or similar enterprises seek. And KALLYAS default on 10 minutes with a credit card easy, one-click import customization options are diversified operating builder, drag and drop page – editor with plug-ins, and integration through effective control website look & I feel it is. It allows more than 100 elements and widgets available that also staff blurbs table features such as price, service is a widget for each word one itness center may be in the world. HIROSE coding your site pop KALLYAS all related searches.

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kallyas gym fitness wordpress themes

Fitness Club

This is a theme in WordPress youth health club, health and fitness website. Fitness club is to develop tools for firm. This is a modern website. This is a sign full of plugins and widgets, fitness club, is not required. Sunny nice plate pages and demonstrations “makes live final product could be on the home page corresponding to the gene. Fitness Club and intuitive to customize WordPress” Customize. Powerful customization and branding and styling. To good use, powerful shortcodes spread tons of spots is page.

Easy to demonstrate i 合 waseta health and fitness services. Yoga, ballet studio, gym, fitness center and health club is unbelievable cuteness. Visualizer plug-in support built using Google’s website chart. Can alert you and your options provided in detail. Fitness club is included in a great blasphemy builder for all layout customization. Showcase services Capote film shortcodes can be static pages and blog posts. Other than as more than one title arrangement is less food. Fitness club cleaning and said Landry. E theme suitable for all fitness sites gym. Fitness club.

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fitness club gym sports wordpress theme


LEVELUP feeling fresh is a mini website creative WordPress theme. LEVELUP is simple but powerful tools to build the site. You can achieve development experience past presence attribute. There. Also suitable for LEVELUP my will. Many demonstrations and templates, LEVELUP is also there. With over 60 different creatively designed layout entry time will. Setting Internet shopping at night and seamless site design coding is required.

Is health Ishira Sangyo site LEVELUP love !. On offer is a new framework visitors and customers. Out of useful shortcodes number click page reference. Therefore it is recommended to customize the layout of film composer. Royal – rotation slider looks interesting and attracts the audience. Introduction to classes and graphics, easier to shortcodes powerful will. Your staff is trainer and consultant. Convenient geolocation (Geo-location) is the location of people. Social media and easily integrate attention to the service. Ten head and Marc – optional branding in an intuitive and simple. Zhao bootstrap as LEVELUP according mofuse is.

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levelup gym fitness wordpress themes


FitnessGYM WordPress theme is designed for sport, Fitness, Gym and other sports-related websites topic. Fitness theme corresponds perfectly willing to clean, flexible and retina. Fitness Center on the topic and powerful customization options.

Building HTML5 & CSS3 will. This is a free maintenance support forum. This is a topic using FitnessGYM, Fitness, Fitness, sports and other fitness related websites. B and set up quickly, easily customized intelligent admin panel.

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fitnessgym wordpress sportfitness theme

Massive Dynamic

Massive dynamic is incredibly beautiful and cleverly designed, flexible multi-purpose WordPress significant support effectively the creation of SiteBuilder. Many large amounts of dynamic hip modern solution for someone’s life see no intuitive interface, you can craft professional-quality sites and deep functionality and new features are one component. Dynamic person visually oriented design philosophy is its strong portfolio of options applications are colorful and cost solution plan generator, an important niche for some point template website with exclusive premium plugins and “customize dynamic feature large amounts of management suitable for fitness and health websites is.

The Assistant Engineer Cross site fitness magazines Jim fitness consultant, dynamic pile large amounts of design freedom is a kind characteristics of his works with video content and beautiful wallet, wallet live concept wonder of your choice and has a style dimension stone grill. Besides smooth fitness news events and activities can easily catch up with MailChimp subscription users to ensure social share plugin you, more than widely as possible.

more / info demo

massive dynamic gym fitness wordpress themes

Meridian Fitness

Chart beautifully Meridian Health, intuitive use, rapid response WordPress fitness gym yoga site theme. Technology and development efforts meridian health and offer flexibility, women and fitness site topic of female health club I am sure that in this class and scheduling services and their coach thinks more unique.

However, flexibility in meridian health to seamlessly adapt itself a Fitness Center is a site of more than a drop of Hara MeridianStyler-WP Live with powerful customization features embedded “provides a framework for customizing the figure is a component site without meridian health. Use colored fonts more 700 and endless.

It seems to be a great series, Meridian health, shortcode free, modular components, allowing the trainer brief profile presentation coach of beautiful custom pages, images and custom class module, clas time and location is a class that is generated by the planning module. And the development of sites meridian health is easy!

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meridian fitness fitness gym sports wordpress theme


Powerful response fitness Jim premium WordPress theme is feature packed bootstrap framework. As you can use the fitness, sports nutrition and exercise training is fitness, supplements, Crossfit, Fitness & Health Center website.

This topic is very powerful and easy to use and most time consuming in customizing WordPress professional and novice no coding. We offer ultra-compatible network big screen on the desktop. iPhone, of course, each tablet is iPad.

SEO (search engine optimization): optimizes the fitness of the latest trend of SEO optimization and best practices and site.

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fitness gym wordpress theme

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