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James - Responsive Shopify Drag and Drop Shoes Store Theme

April 26, 2017 in Shopify Themes


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James – Responsive Shopify Drag and Drop Shoes Store Theme

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james responsive shopify drag and drop shoes store themes

James Shoe Shopify theme is bright, from the order of the visitors. Shopify this theme is designed for fashion, online shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories. The home page title of the simple font menu highlights the James-compatible Shopify theme. The template includes the Ajax price slider, product package, and product zoom image to improve and sell. James is also a product slider module suitable for new products, products, product sales and specialty products. Custom slideshow is a smooth transition with many Biggua banners. Thanks for the blog and customer relationship, the shopkeeper is deepening the degree of closer to promoting Twitter. The administrator can upload and receive the latest news promotion program in the sourcing store, and feedback is in the store with the client in a communique. Brand logo slider display is a famous brand or slider your favorite brand. In simple “new” sales, the label leads to every new and special product.

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