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Motor - Car Services Magento Theme

April 17, 2017 in Magento Themes


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Motor – Car Services Magento Theme

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motor car services magento theme

Meet motor functions and an online store for both themes beautifully rich and extremely tire-wheel and distributor of accessories for other auto parts. The feature that comes with the subject’s ability to improve a range of shops making it easier. Highlighting all categories, sub-categories Megamenu modules. You can search for current visit and see what happens in stock. Sitea € ™ s “search engine enhanced AJAX facilitates the search results at the same time and Internet access returns. See page Cart page, which is a product that can add a sense Ajax. The wheels & tires are all modern devices that look well maintained liquid. Shopping Rossite clearly more comfortable buying direct mobile. This theme is a great choice for other stores Pro-2, so try!

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