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CircleShop - Responsive Magento Theme

April 26, 2017 in Magento Themes


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CircleShop – Responsive Magento Theme

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circleshop responsive magento theme

Circleshop is a 4-page layout option that offers a wide selection of digital, high-tech products, accessories for sale. This theme, many of the major stores. Megamenu significant links such as multiple modules with Circleshop theme, vertical Megamenu product categories and static blocks, popup windows, slide show good text-Daves category rider goods and image images are easy to add to each category / config management, Timer, any product discount, posting comments, recommendations, opinions, blogs and referrals by customer. Many label links, including footers, pay social icons and store information about icons. The logo of the brand is displayed and is a slider beautifully branded logo. You can also log in to the discount product discount each product slider module is a rider product section. The color of the body is blue, blue, the title extension black is a good elegance of this design. Google is also compatible with a rich piece of detail page seo.

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