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Your Website Background Matters: Choose it Wisely

April 18, 2017 in How to


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If you don’t take your website background seriously – you are not a designer. Every web designer knows that a website background matters. In fact, they are really very important in setting the mood of the entire site and making a deep lasting impression on the visitor. Actually, you should decide what will be the background of your future website like in first turn, before going any further.

What will you use? Will it be an eye-catching image/photo? Maybe you are going to tell the story of your company with the help of the background video? Would you like your website look super trendy and use flat or material-style background? What about illustration? Such kinds of websites are for those who want to be different. You may also go for an elegant pattern to put other parts into focus or use a fabric texture for the luxury look. Don’t like glamour? Then use a grunge background and show everybody how brutal you are.

There’s no right or wrong answer to the question what kind of background you should choose. It depends on the type of website you want to create and the brand identity of the given project. However, one thing is clear at the moment: there are many different styles you can choose for your website background and they all make different effects on the visitors.

Here you will find some outstanding examples of various types of backgrounds. Have a look at them, visit the sites (strictly speaking they are not fully-fledged websites, but ready-made templates from Templatemonster.com) and get a notion of what each background is good for. We hope this article will help you understand what kind of background is the best for your website and maybe even choose a template from one of the web design industry leaders, TemplateMonster, for it.

One Grand/Hero Image

Using hero images in the background is a current trend. If described with one word, hero image backgrounds are attractive. Most of these images are photographs which directly relate to the content. When push comes to shove it’s hard to find anything that can be as relatable and descriptive as a photograph. It drives visitors further into the site by giving them a peek beneath the surface. The extreme sports club WordPress theme below is an excellent example of this technique. Theme’s homepage uses large full screen background images with photos of people riding the waves. The colors blend nicely into the layout, and it gives an immediate personal touch. Basically, the hero image style is a fundamental concept that can be applied to any large “oversized” header design.

Extreme Sports Club WordPress Theme

more / info demo / download

extreme sports club wordpress theme

Powered by Cherry Framework, this Extreme Sports WordPress Theme boasts a spectacular design with clean code and excellent support. Through transitions and scrolling dynamics, CSS3, jQuery and HTML5 add interactivity to web pages making them visually interesting. Responsive design provides optimal multidevice experience, whereas WPML readiness allows reaching the multinational audience. The theme has an appealing graphic user interface enhanced with handy navigational elements such as a back to top button and a dropdown menu. Audio, video and social media options are also embedded into the template’s functionality. Fully customizable, its design can be adapted to your own needs.

Blurry Background

High-resolution photos give products on site a finished look because they are very much like what our eyes can see. No doubt, sharply defined and clear pictures are often great, but sometimes you just need that touch of blurred softness for your multimedia presentations. Blurred photographs can be great backgrounds for various presentations. These are especially useful when you would like to superimpose the texts on those images. Having options to choose from when finding a soft and appealing blurry background can help you create the best visual presentation ever. Your blurred backgrounds may range from images of nature or other identifiable objects softened out, or technical gadgets, like in our example.

They can be even just a set of beautifully combined colors which have been artfully blended out to achieve that blurred look. Blurred backgrounds can make your superimposed text look clearer and more pronounced compared to using just a solid color as your background. Indeed, using a solid color may work in combination of a contrasting color for your font can make your text pop, but you can achieve a more sophisticated website look by making use of blurred backgrounds instead.

Web Design Responsive WordPress Theme

more / info demo / download

web design responsive wordpress theme

This is the theme of my company is a greats theme so profesional.

Video Background

Looping video background on the front page is rather popular. Top sites like Airbnb and PayPal follow the trend, so the demand for looped and time-lapse video is high. Entrepreneurs frequently ask where they can download free, good background videos to use on their websites.
The problem is that you can’t just download any video and use it on your website. You have to respect the copyright rules and regulation and make sure you are not violating any of them.
The best option is to create your own video or hire an agency to create a video for your website. Such kind of video background will be rather expensive, but it will tell your own story, present your company and your products.

Have a look at the videographer responsive Joomla template herein under to see the power of video backgrounds.

Videographer Responsive Joomla Template

more / info demo / download

videographer responsive joomla template

Nowadays having a website is a must for both big and small businesses. It’s especially important when it comes to professions such as videographer or photographer, where portfolio and the first impression of your work plays a major role in you landing a particular project or job. With this videographer Joomla template, you can be sure your work looks professional and makes a positive impression on your clients.

The template is fully responsive, which makes it to be easily accessible through a wide variety of devices, and such elegant additions as background video, theme color switcher, lazy load effect, and a set of Google Fonts let you customize the appearance of your website and add a personal touch to it. Make your online videographer portfolio great with this responsive Joomla template.

Flat Background

The flat design style is still going strong in 2017. This interface design style is characterized by minimum use of stylistic elements that give the illusion of three dimensions and is focused on a minimalist use of simple elements, typography and flat colors. If you want your website be more streamlined and efficient, use a flat background. It will be easier for you to quickly convey information while still looking visually appealing and approachable.

Flat background implies that flat interface design is responsive to changes in browser size across different devices. With minimum number of design elements websites are able to load faster and resize easily, and still look sharp on high-definition screens, which is also utterly important. Check out the template for web design agency featured here with bright flat color background, its design ditches textures, gradients and patterns in favor of vibrant bold solid colors.

Sketchfield WordPress Theme

more / info demo / download

sketchfield wordpress theme

In case the theme is released under the GNU GPLv3 license the stock images used in this theme and its .psd source files are not included to the delivered package, as they do not fall under the GPL license.

Material-Style Background

Color in material design is inspired by bold hues juxtaposed with muted environments, deep shadows, and bright highlights. In fact, material takes cues from contemporary architecture, road signs, pavement marking tape, and athletic courts, which means that the color should be unexpected and vibrant.

Material color palette comprises primary and accent colors that can be used for illustration or to develop your brand colors. They’ve been designed to work harmoniously with each other. The color palette starts with primary colors and fills in the spectrum to create a complete and usable palette for Android, Web, and iOS. Google suggests using the 500 colors as the primary colors in your app and the other colors as accents colors.

The style enables consistent app styling through surface shades, shadow depth, and ink opacity. Backgrounds in material style look trendy and creative, so if this is what you are looking for, view our example and opt for them.

Material Design Portfolio WordPress Theme

more / info demo / download

material design portfolio wordpress theme

To stand out in this tough market, make your website as impressive as you can. Web Design WordPress Template should help you achieve success. 100 responsive, crossbrowser compatible and SEO-friendly, it is designed in material style that is so popular today. The theme is well-layered and easy to browse. Material design elements are organized in all the right places, which catches the eye of prospective customers. Fly-out menus and grid-based content view were implemented to save on space and make the theme look clutter-free. Large vivid social sharing buttons and contact details in the footer sway users to get in touch with your team.


Illustrations as backgrounds are rather rare today. Everybody uses high-resolution photos. That is why if you want to stand out against the competitors, this may maybe a great option. The trick is as old as the hills, but it still works. Everything that is out of the common grabs public attention and interest. Have a look at our example of website responsive website template for a SEO company. What do you think about it? It looks creative and similar to playful cartoon style all of us like since childhood. If your illustration in the background is humorous, it’s a win-win solution for your company. So, don’t be afraid to be different, your website is your business card. Make it unique and memorable.

SEO Website Responsive Website Template

more / info demo / download

seo website responsive website template

If you enjoy flat web designs, then this SEO responsive website template should come to your liking. It is quick and easy to scan. Built with Bootstrap 3.3, it is intended to adjust to any screen size flawlessly. Multiple header and footer variations, as well as a rich UI kit, make the theme’s customization easier and speedy. More than 50 ready-made HTML5 pages are ready to go out of the box. In addition to a selection of pre-design blog layouts, the theme includes several gallery types, which allow you to organize visual data in a grid list, masonry or cobbles gallery.

Vector Patterns

Patterns are a useful resource for website design. If you don’t want to fill the background with a full-blown image because the variety of devices and screen resolutions on the market makes it difficult to adapt to them all, although the latest plugins and scripts offer solutions such as automatic image resizing, use patterns instead of pictures. Patterns are similar to those images that are indefinitely repeated either horizontally or vertically.

That makes sense today as usability is concerned, especially in responsive design. Moreover, there are plenty of nice vector patterns on the Internet that are available for free and can be used as parts of the design of your sites and web applications.

Vector Hearts Seamless Patterns


vector hearts seamless patterns

Grunge Textures

Grunge textures are the hardest to define, yet “grunge” is a common word used to describe a specific style. Most grunge images are created using Photoshop brushes, pain splatters, and typically create an urban dirty feel. Many of them are light, and work well as a background to text, or are overlayed in Photoshop art. Most of the textures are actually photographs, so a lot of them are harsh, beated, scratched, ugly, or dirty. If you like textures, use them for your projects. They will single you out. Grunge textures are especially good for sport, martial arts, T-shirts, youth clothing and many other kinds of websites.

Brick texture background


brick texture background

Fabric Textures

Fabric textures can help you create premium looking designs, which you can use with any image editing tool or for any physical designing inspiration. Free fabric textures and backgrounds for Photoshop montage, graphic design, comps, websites and wallpapers are available on various websites. Plain fabric textures, free high resolution fabric textures can be used on your website to enhance its look. Textile industry websites and boutiques can really make hay using the fabric textures to exhibit the products they offer. You even don’t need to invest money into textures as there are ready-made free downloadable fabric textures for all kinds of categories ranging from blotchy fabric, lined fabric, hairy fabric, creased plain fabric, crumpled fabric and a lot more. So take this opportunity to use the free fabric textures for your benefit.

Silk Texture


silk texture

Speak up

What textures do you like to use in your designs? Please share your comments, thoughts, additions on textures and their role in web design in the comment section. Thanks for reading the article and have a nice efficient day!

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