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Hoivan Font

April 23, 2017 in Fonts


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This hoivan font for free download (for personal and commercial use) on. Big thanks to Alex Dang. There are few typefaces in the world reflecting the beauty of history and culture. My mission is to create a typeface that can honor the beauty of Vietnamese identity. This new typeface is inspired and named after HoiVan, the popular and significant pattern in Vietnamese interior design, decoration, and hand-crafts in the 18th century. The Hoivan pattern is not only the Vietnamese historical heritage but also the big impact on national design development. In this project, I want to revive this forgotten cultural legacy with a contemporary look.

HoiVan is a geometric all-caps typeface, a perfect choice for headlines of an Asian cultural poster. This display font is also a decorative typeface working the best in a large size. HoiVan is constructed from the inspiration of the ancient interior pattern with consistent strong strokes, condensed shape, cut crossbar, squared corners and sharply rounded bow. These special characteristics differentiate it from another same-class typeface.

Hoivan Font

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hoivan font

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