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Author WordPress Blog Theme

April 29, 2017 in Blogging WordPress Themes


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Author WordPress Blog Theme

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author wordpress blog theme

The author can learn the code in a new way, load or asynchronously and possble the load in the Enqueued script. Almost all JS, CSS and other code items are old and old and in addition to this topic there are many different server testing tools on the web, to compare pingdom Pagespeed attempts. The low-server thematic average load of 0.6 seconds is 94% faster than other sites. Since the image goes to a high-speed server, it’s 97% of other low-speed sites at 350 milliseconds.

Start a copy of the theme of this technology optimizing load time, but until then it is proud of what is fashionable for the first time.
Reducing the download time to a minimum and using virtually no jquery like JavaScript, smooth scrolling and other features created by Pagespeed is a challenge that can still be practiced in the current way.

The author has more than 70 settings in the Customizeable-4 widget area, and other notes above, the content below is the sidebar & Footer widget. Available as AdSpace, calling for action, is a department. The theme works and maintains almost a plug-in after a follow-up video, image, armpit, status, audio, bid connection, and gallery.

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